Our History


            A century-long history of the company started before World War II. In the era of Mr. Juisai Saesim, he migrated from China and settled down in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand, and started the career as gardener and poultry. After a certain capital has been earned, he opened a grocery shop in Bangkla Market. Back the in China, Mr. Juisai Saesim used to be a youngster in a Chinese drugstore helping traditional Chinese physician to compound and cook traditional Chinese medicine so he has knowledge of herbal medicine and pulse feeling. Therefore, Mr. Juisai tried to compound medicine for using among relatives and close ones in the neighborhood. After moved to Bangkok, Mr. Juisai worked as a labor during the daytime, and compounded medicine during the nighttime, then sell to drugstores on consignment.

            When World War II erupted, Mr. Juisai and his family moved to Phrapradaeng district to escape the war. During the flood disaster in 1943, reptiles escaped to the house. When Mr. Juisai saw centipedes crawling along the wall of the house, he thought of using centipedes as a trademark according to the belief of ancient traditional Chinese physicians of using poison against poison in curing the disease. Therefore, the medicine bag was designed by using two centipedes on each side as the symbol, while put the figure of Mr. Juisai in the middle. At the same time, he has also developed various types of medicine. For more than twenty years of hard work and efforts, by handling the products door to door to various drugstores, the products are finally well-known to the market. In 1953, Mr. Juisai moved to Thonburi and opened up a drugstore. However, he still compounded medicines, as well as diagnosed diseases for the patients and cured them by using herbal medicines.

            After Mr. Juisai passed away in 1972, the second generation decided to close down the drugstore and set up a company named “Hatakabb (Sim Tien Hor) Company Limited” to produce medicine. The medicine production process has been improved continuously. In 1980, a new factory was established, locating in Rama 2 Road, Bangkhuntien District. The location and the building of the new factory are suitable for quality improvement and development to gain more efficiency. Moreover, advanced and hygienic machines were introduced and used in conjunction with the labor, professional personnel were hire to conduct the research, to develop new flavors of the pill and to design new packaging that are more convenient, modern and attractive. 

            In order to obtain better quality and valued products that meet consumers’ need which lead to market expansion, the company has the policy to develop overall efficiency, including the aspect of production, quality control and product development. Currently, Takabb anti-cough pills are sold in many ASEAN countries and are recognized by more and more foreigners.

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