Answer - TAKABB anti-cough pill mint, plum, lemongrass flavour
Answer - Yes, people with diabetes can use TAKABB anti-cough pill original and herbal flavour by following the insrtuction on label which is using 2-4 pills when coughing.
Answer - TAKABB anti-cough pill original and herbal flavour contain 9 herbs, water and peppermint flavour, no sugar added. However, in TAKABB anti-cough pill Mint, Plum and Lemongrass flavour do contains sweetener.
Answer - Same formula but different packaging.As some customers said the picture of centipedes on the bag are so scary and the appearance of the bag is not cool, therefore, we designed the new packaging for it.
Answer - When we eat food, nerves of taste and odor perception will work together. This is the reason that we know what we eat. If it has smell or taste is fulsome, then our brain will be stimulated cause squeamish. So, the bitter tablet that has taste and tang smell will cause nausea and vomiting especially the person that never take herbal medicines may occur easily. Nausea and vomiting is not caused by properties of drugs but cause from odor and taste of drugs.
Answer - Swallowing totally 30 pills in one time will not be any side-effect, just lose the efficency of the drug. As to our Hatakabb''''''''''''''''s expert''''''''''''''''s chemical assay and proof that: the ingredient of the drug will have direct effection to the throat, so we have to take the pills and let them dissolving in our mouth.
Answer - Takabb Anti-cough Pill can be soaked in alcohol because the ingredients in Takabb Anti-cough Pill are made from natural herb, no any harm to the health. Anyway, we cannot confirm the efficacy of the drugs as the usage is different from the label.
Answer - All of these symptoms were caused by the bad behaviors, such as sleeping late, being strained, being constipated, drinking coffee and alcohol ,smoking, eating spicy food. So these behavior can cause the growing up of bacteria inside and outside the body, so we can prevent and protect by eating Yin food and bitter food, having enough sleep and sleep early, avoiding being constipated, eating much vegetables, avoiding eating the oily fried food or sweet food, controlling your mood, drinking much water, these will help prevent sore throat and other symptoms.
Answer - No, because TAKABB Anti-cough Pill has no erosion and irritation properties. However, the tongue will have the black spot which came from the herb in the medicine, it can remove by brushing tongue.
Answer - TAKABB Anti-cough pill contain the herbal ingredients which can relieve ciugh and make throat refrehing, such as Rhus Chinensis Mill. and Prunus Armeniaca L. can heip relieving , Glycyrrhiza L. can help dissolving Phlegm and make throat refreshing. Therefore, Takabb Anti-cough pilll can relieve cough.
Answer - For knowing the expired drug, you can notice as following; Drug tablet will be broken to be a powder, its colour will be changed, there will be spots and mold around the tablet or if the tablet coated with sugar, its coating will be melted and smelly. Drug Capsule will be inflated, the colour of powder in the capsule will be changed, such as the powder colour in the capsule of the expired Tetracyclin will be changed from yellow to brown, which is really dangerous for kidney.
Answer –Takabb anti cough pill are dissolved from mouth to throat for relieve a cough, not get into the bloodstream. On the hand, breast milk is made from nutrients like proteins ans sugars frome bloodstream, so there is no side effect if using TAKABB anti-cough pill whine nursing a child.
Answer – Takabb Bitter pill have many usefulness such as to abate of the internal heat, to remit fever, remediable thirst and fed up with food and also used as a light laxative, in the treatment of constipation. Takabb Bitter Pill in not possible to be a main cause for diarrhea.
Answer –There are many causes for coughing. For example, virus Infection, throat phlegm and dust etc. Hence, the best method to curing that symptom is to keep Takabb anti-cough pill in the mouth for slowly dissolve to antivirus and decrease phlegm instead of swallow. Besides, Takabb anti-cough pill also has useful to healing irritated throat and refreshing throat. To take 30 pills per time to recover from coughing is personal belief but it is absolutely not harmful to take that because Takabb anti-cough pill has no any side effect.
Answer – Main purpose of our company is to be continued the best quality improvement with all of TAKABB products and also manufacture various of TAKABB products by consideration for consumer need. Moreover, we always develop process of works for our staffs and to develop them to have more skillfulness on their works by expect that all of our staff must be the competent staff. At present we have obtained Good Manufacturing practice (GMP) certified by the FDA department. All consumers can be ensured that TAKABB Product has good quality by that certified. Beside, we always run our business with honesty and sympathetically to all distributor, pharmacy and consumers all around.
Answer – Hatakabb pills can be taken by those who have under gone a surgery. There will be no side effects.
Answer – Those who are recovering from operations can take Hatakabb pills. The pills will have no effect to the wound.
Answer – Pregnant women can take our anti-cough pills. They will not affect the pregnancy in any way.
Answer – The blackness will do no harm to the body. The black color on the tongue is part of the herbal medicine. Simply cleanse the tongue and the color will disappear.
Answer – Yes but it is advised that the consumption of Hatakabb cough pills be taken as per the instruction details on the back of the foil pack.
Answer – The majority of the ingredients are Chinese herbs. The names are stated at the back of the sachet. Hatakabb cough pills do not contain any parts of a centipede.
Answer – Yes, Hatakabb cough pill can be mixed with lukewarm water or lemon juice to cure sore throat. By mixing the pills with lukewarm water or lemon juice will help increase the efficacy. Lemon juice will lessen sore throat symptom. Hence, mixing with lemon juice or lukewarm water will not decrease the efficacy of the pill.
Answer – The Company does not know the true demand for Mahachark tablets and Bitter tablets, thus the production of these medicines are irregular resulting in an occasional out of stock of these items. Mahachark tablets and Bitter tablets can be found at pharmacy situated at a junction such as Tong Heng Jun (Chakrawat) pharmacy and Tek Heng pharmacy.

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