Our Company

            Hatakabb (Sim Tien Hor) Company Limited has a clear working policy and concerns every structure, including personnel, production quality and cleanliness, as well as cares of the environment in the vicinity of the plant as a green space.



            Currently, the company has more than 150 employees, from all departments which are administration department, sales department, domestic marketing department, foreign marketing department, financial and accounting department, purchasing department, human resources department, and factory department. The company is very concerned about the employees. Start from recruitment process that aims to recruit quality employees. Training and employee development schemes are conducted continuously. Performance evaluation system is also applied. Remunerations and welfares to the employees are considered on the appropriate and adequate basis in order to bring well-being, physical and mental happiness, and security to the employees. The employees also have the opportunities to express their opinions, make inquiries, and check for information through various communication channels inside the company, eg. comment box, E-mail, Facebook, Line.


Production Quality

            The company has established a working group to implement GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standard since 2003, and has improved all production process continuously till it obtained GMP certificate in 2006. Currently, the company has developed and improved the production process continuously, focusing on the cleanliness and adopting the production methods that are with international standard. The company has conducted quality inspection and quality control in every production process, in order to offer the best product to the consumers. Moreover, the company has introduced advanced production machinery and equipment in the production process, in order to obtain better products and reach greater efficiencies.

Favorable Environment, Clean and Hygienic

            The company monitors the cleanliness, detects microorganisms that affecting the products, and controls the ventilation system to prevent impurities that may contaminate the air by setting up Airlock that separates the production area from other areas and prevents dust in the air and from pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Water, one of the components used in the manufacturing process, is also being monitored closely, except from being filtered through a strainer, it is also boiled before being used in the production process.


Product Quality Inspection

            One important tool that helps maintaining the standard quality of products while they are selling in the market is product quality inspection. The company has supported quality control department (QC) with advanced equipments, which can inspect and analyze raw materials, packaging materials, semi-finished medicines and finished medicines, and provide inspection summary reports to be submitted to Quality Assurance Department (QA). Quality Assurance Department (QA) will quarantine, release or return for adjustment depend on the analyzing results.


International Markets

            Takabb anti-cough pill is very popular in international market. It has been registered in many regions, starting from Hong Kong, Macau, China, USA, and now to all ASEAN countries. Our distributors in each countries have more than 10-years experiences in pharmaceutical industry which make the distribution of our product be more efficient. This can be measured by the growing of sales amount in each year. In order to stimulate sales and encourage consumers to buy our products, we attend trade shows and arrange activities together with our distributors in various countries across Asia every year. We also open new sales channels besides drugstores, i.e. modern trade channel, tourist attractions, department stores and Kiosks in the normal markets, which provide good feedbacks from time to time. The widely recognized product is the anti-cough pill (Original flavor), which is a symbol and the representative of Takabb Anti-cough pill.

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